The Backlog

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New kits, new rehashes of old kits or new re-issues of even older kits are always being announced, sometimes having multiple release announcements in a single week. With a whole universe of mobile suits - protagonist, antagonist, variations, side stories, original video animations, manga, etc -just waiting to be made into plastic model kits, there will never be a shortage of kits to purchase, build and enhance. It's just a matter of how badly you want that kit.

Such is the life of a Gunplanerd.

On this page, I will list down the kits in my Backlog along with kits that are in the Project Pipeline. This will serve as a progress check and inventory of my Gunpla kits, hopefully you will see the kits evolve from being a line of text here to a full-fledged post on the main page.

Upcoming Customs:

1. HGUC MSN-001B1-D2 Delta Destroyer
[E.F.S.F Anti-GUNDAM Close Combat Transformable Mobile Suit]

2. HGUC MSZ-006A1-C Zeta Plus (Commander Type)
[E.F.S.F Limited Mass Production Transformable Mobile Suit]

3. HGUC AMX-101E2C Schuzrum Galluss Assault
[Neo Zeon Ship Assault Use Close Combat Mobile Suit]

4. HGUC MS-18H[Ex] Kampfer Executor
[Principality of Zeon Black Operations Use Mobile Suit]

Latest updated: 29 July 2014

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