Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Beginning (Gundam)

Hi everyone,

Finally, I've decided to create a blog to document my experiences, insights and any other sentiments I have with regards to this activity which takes up a substantial amount of my time. Instead of merely reading what others have to say, why not volunteer my own opinion? I'm sure the community can use some honest, no-holds-barred and honest-to-god rhetoric about these expensive pieces of plastic.

So to start off, my credentials. I've been building Gunpla for the better part of 10 years, beginning with the SD Gundams of old before moving on - or rather backsliding - to the now-derelict Mobile Suit In Action (and its variants) series. I finally decided on the High Grade (HG) series of kits for their compact size, affordability and poseability, and have not stopped ever since. I've built MGs, PGs, RGs, third party kits, custom sets, etc., as well as tried my hand at putting together dioramas.

Despite being distracted by other hobbies like Nerf and love for a while, I still managed to do at least 1 kit a month. To date, the tally stands at 120 odd constructed kits, with plenty more still lying sealed in their boxes, waiting to be freed from their plastic prisons. I don't discriminate from Grades, Scales, brands or manufacturers when it comes to making a purchasing decision, as long as the kit is affordable and pleasing to me, into my backlog it goes. I'd admit though, I tend to be attracted to Limited Editions or kits that are not easily obtained.

So what's the difference between this blog and the other Gundam blogs? 

Well for one, I'm not who you would consider a "hardcore" modeler. In fact, it was as recent as last December (2013) that I decided to do more than just building my kits. Yes, I previously just constructed my mobile suits and left them in the display cabinet, without nary a panel line or hint of a detail. Nowadays, I do some minor paneling, head detailing as well as basic painting before finishing, to do my kits some justice (Gundam).

So, this blog will showcase kits done by a casual builder, someone who happens to have some time to do up a little dude so that it will look better on his shelf.

I will also post on some modelling tips and tricks I've found to be useful over the years, just to share with some of the beginners out there. I didn't have the luxury of a blog that delved into the basics, but I will not deprive others of one.

I will endeavour to post regular updates (as regular as my commitments permit) on new kits, upcoming kits or just reviews of some of my older kits. If you had been paying attention, you'd know that it will take some time before I run out of material to cover.

Just like any hobby, Gunpla is up to your imagination, there is no rulebook to follow. As long as you think that your Gunpla looks good, no else matters. Your Gunpla will also thank you for the appreciation.

Stay tuned folks and happy building!


  1. Nice blog, will keep checking in. By the way, since you are building gunpla, you watching the latest series Gundam Build Fighters?

  2. Hey man, thanks for the support! Will post often to ensure that you don't pop in for nothing. And yes I'm enjoying Gundam Build Fighters a lot, the characters are just hilarious and the Gundam cameos are too damn high! Looking forward to seeing Exia Dark Matter making its debut!