Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Accessory Analysis: HG 1/144 Hyper Beam Javelin (Gundam Ace Vol. 6 Premium)

The Hyper Beam Javelin has always been a favourite weapon, right from the spiked-ball shape version that appeared in the every first Mobile Suit Gundam. It is a weapon that seemed to be stuck in two timelines, having an exceedingly ancient and dated shape, form and function that combined beautifully with Gundam-timeline technology. The damned thing was even thrown around like the pointed javelins of old!

So when the Unicorn version of the Hyper Beam Javelin came out, I was thrilled. Granted, it did not have the spiked ball shape that I liked, but it has two bitchin’ beam blades that give it an appearance not far from a massive halberd. You can’t really throw it anymore (although you actually can if you put your heart into it), but you can still cause massive damage by either swinging it around or stabbing at thee from Hell’s heart.


The HG 1/144 Hyper Beam Javelin only exists as a premium that came bundled with Vol. 6 of Gundam Ace magazine, a regular collection of existing Gundam manga series. Purchasing a copy of the magazine is probably the only way to get your hands on the Javelin, although you could also wait for System Weapon 007 to hit shelves before your Unicorn/Banshee/Sinanju can be equipped with the most flashy melee weapons of the Universal Century.

Construction and Features

The kit actually provides you with two Hyper Beam Javelins, albeit only one pair of beam blades. A simple three-runner affair, the instructions contained within Gundam Ace Vol. 6 itself will result in a Hyper Beam Javelin in folded, standby mode and another that is fully deployed.

The folded version is able to be stacked in between the Petal Shields and the beam Gatling guns on the Unicorn’s forearms. The beam blades are able to be fitted to the Javelin in either form.

Bear in mind that the beam-emitting sections of the Javelin are not painted in white, the entire weapon is molded in a dark gray colour.


Come on, it’s a Hyper Beam Javelin! The weapon goes well with pretty much any HG 1/144 scale model, although it goes better with HGUC kits due to their innate height. The pistol grip near the middle of the Javelin fits well into standard HGUC saber hands and stay rather snugly and securely, save for the most dynamic of poses.

However, it takes some work and time to get a good slashing pose, as the length of the weapon can sometimes interfere with the final pose.


If you are able to get your hands on this accessory, get a pair!


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  2. Where'd you find the instructions for this? I just bought one secondhand, but no instructions.