Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGIBO 1/144 EB-06C[D] Graze Cannon Commander Type (Terran Desert Colours) (Customised Build)

The Graze Cannon is one of the many variable equipment packs that a standard Graze can use to fit its mission profile. A ground-use Graze at base, the Graze Cannon is equipped with a powerful 180mm high velocity cannon along with a 10-tube high explosive missile launcher in addition to the standard Graze loadout. It is also equipped with a shield for additional protection when its mobility is compromised from firing the huge cannon. 
The Graze Cannon variant is deployed when heavy firepower is needed, laying down destructive fields of fire from great distances as support to attacking Mobile Workers or to wreck enemy targets out of engagement range. The large radome mounted on the right side of the cannon interfaces with the sensors on the Graze's head unit, and sensitivity (and therefore range) can be enhanced when the factsphere is exposed. This allows the Graze Cannon to obliterate enemy targets way before they reach combat range. The accompanying missile launcher is able to track 10 individual targets or fire off all munitions in a single, sustained volley of doom, and is able to be outfitted with a variety of different warheads.

The Graze Cannon is still able to use all weapons made for the standard Graze, allowing it to defend itself with the rifle from adversaries too close for the long range cannon. For close-in encounters, the battle axe is usually more than enough to crush Nanolaminated Armor.

The standard Graze lacks any form of defensive equipment, owing to arrogance on Gjallarhorn's part and also the fact that mobile suits are not in general, large scale possession. However, with the advent of Gundam-types from the Calamity War emerging as well as new generation models developed by the various factions, Gjallarhorn will do well to equip their current Graze units with reinforced shields to improve their survivability in direct combat, especially vulnerable variants like the Graze Cannon.


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