Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[Kit Insight] Bandai BB Senshi #400 Knight Superior Dragon (Light Build)

The Superior Dragon is an enigma: a gold-plated SD with gloss-injected red parts for the price of a high end High Grade model that looks superb out of the box. A little chrome to the silver parts and some gunmetal to the frame parts on the backpack makes this little cute thing stand out in your shelf.

The only gripe for this kit is that the plated parts are not undergated: they still use the same touchgate found on most BB Senshi model kits. Care would have to be taken when trimming the nubs to prevent accidental scraping or nicking of the plated gold.

All in all, the Superior Dragon is a beautiful addition to any Gunpla collection. Just don't expect to play with it much.


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