Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[Kit Insight] DevilArts MG 1/100 Providence Gundam Ver. SUN (Straight Build)

Third party model kits offer insight into the "what could have been" and "what if" of Gunpla development, often with far lower price tags that won't discourage builders from picking them up. DevilArts teased their MG 1/100 Providence Gundam some time back, but then Bandai suddenly dropped a bombshell with the announcement of their own MG 1/100 Providence Gundam, with a full coloured build displayed at one of the year-end Gunpla Expos in Japan. Naturally, interest for the DevilArts version of the Providence waned, but it still remained on the radar for a while as the Bandai version will only be released in March 2017.

Monday, January 23, 2017

[Kit Insight] Bandai HGIBO 1/144 Hekija (Limited Production Test Unit for Lafter Frankland) (Painted Build)

Lafter Frankland is my favourite female character from the Iron Blooded Orphans series, with beautiful curves, remarkable features and actual character development and advancement. It also helps that she's constantly inside new machines, machines that look alien, exotic and desirable all at the same time.

The Hekija is the perfect example.

[Kit Insight] Bandai HGIBO 1/144 Mobile Armor Hashmal (Light Build)

The Hashmal caused quite a stir when it made its appearance on the anime series, inciting hatred and scorn amongst many viewers. Said viewers also cheered when the Barbatos Lupus scored a Pyrrhic victory against it with Mikazuki's aggressive-suicidal tendencies, knowing that the parts from the vanquished Mobile Armor will be used to upgrade the Barbatos (again). 

[Accessory Analysis] Billion Spark Craftmanship Non-Scale MS Weapon 02

Although it says "non scale", these bad boys are actually a pretty good fit with MG 1/100 model kits, especially "tacticool" ones like the Jesta.