Sunday, March 29, 2015

[Kit Insight] BB Senshi #172 Goken Gundam -Kirahagane Gokusai- (SD) (Straight Build)

When the Star Winning Gundam transformed into its 1/144 Real Mode form, many viewers gasped in awe: they have never seen a SD kit accomplish this monumental feat of plastic engineering before, and waited with bated breath for the inevitable Gunpla kit to hit the stores. When the set finally became available, hobbyists and viewers alike exploded over the internet, commending and commenting on Bandai's ingenuity and engineering excellence, heralding a new age for SD model kits.

Monday, March 23, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGBF 1/144 RX-93-v2[AD] Hi-Nu Gundam Amazing Brave [Type-AD] (Customised Build)

A far-superior custom rendition of the already amazing Hi-Nu Gundam, the HGBF Vrabe version looks similar to the HGUC version but it actually differs in many ways. The V-Fin, backpack unit (with fin funnels arrayed more deliberately into wing-like extensions), chest piece, arm-mounted weapons, shoulder armour, side skirt armour, crotch piece, feet and shield all differ from the HGUC version on which it is based, resulting in a sleeker, far sexier Hi-Nu Gundam worthy of the future Meijin Kawaguchi the Third.

Plus, those Amazing Levs don't hurt as well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGRC 1/144 CAMS-03C Elf Bullock (Commander Custom) (Customised Build)

An oddly appealing kit from the Reconguista in G universe, like a cuttlefish or squid with its alien looking shape and proportions. Still interesting to build, nevertheless. That leg beam saber, though.

[Kit Insight] Dragon Momoko MG 1/100 GAT-X105+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike Gundam (Customised Build)

Although execution issues are still present, this third party kit far exceeds the specifications of the original. Highly recommended!

[Kit Insight] NX Edge Style Strike Freedom Gundam with First Release Premium (Straight Build)

SD style action figure that uses an updated, more stylish mold!

[Kit Insight] HGUC F91 Gundam F91 (Afterimage Clear Ver.) (Gunpla Expo Exclusive) (Light Build)

Very beautiful clear version of an already beautiful HGUC kit!

[Kit Insight] Bandai Star Wars 1/72 TIE-Advanced X-1 (Painted Build)

Detailed but simple kit of Lord Vader's personal machine!

[Accessory Analysis] HGBC 1/144 Amazing Lev A and Amazing Lev D (Painted Builds)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's actually both as well as a shield booster! They also provide a railgun and a beam gatling cannon!

Note: the Amazing Lev A and D are posed with the HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam for the purposes of this post!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

[Kit Insight] SDBF/HGBF 1/144 SD-237S-2 Star Winning Gundam [S-Type] (Customised Build)

When it was first introduced, the Star Winning Gundam created a great big hooha both in the anime and in the real world, with multiple theories sprouting of the new Winning Road, the waist- and appendage-like assemblies that comprised its strangely-large backpack as well as what seems to be a V-Fin upon a V-Fin. With the conclusion of episode 18 (and "leaks" of the box art prior), all these fantastic theories were finally put to rest when we finally saw the Star Winning Gundam's Real Mode in action, and even if it was a little tame as compared to the antics of Sekai Kamiki, it was still wondrous to behold.

Many builders thought that this SD to HG transformation gimmick is new, some brilliant new maneuver to sell kits thought up by the famous (infamous) Bandai Hobby Division. However, this class of SD kits has been around since 1995, in the form of a series of BB Senshi Musha kits that were able to shed their SD facades to become 1/144-scale mushafied versions of UC mobile suits. Therefore, the technology behind the Star Winning's primary gimmick isn't new, it merely is a resurrection of 20-year-old model kit engineering. Nevertheless, the transformation system in the Star Winning has received substantial refinement and upgrade to close the 20-year gap, but fundamental flaws still mar the articulation and poseability of an otherwise beautiful and very unique model kit.