Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Accessory Analysis: HG 1/144 Hyper Beam Javelin (Gundam Ace Vol. 6 Premium)

The Hyper Beam Javelin has always been a favourite weapon, right from the spiked-ball shape version that appeared in the every first Mobile Suit Gundam. It is a weapon that seemed to be stuck in two timelines, having an exceedingly ancient and dated shape, form and function that combined beautifully with Gundam-timeline technology. The damned thing was even thrown around like the pointed javelins of old!

Gunpla Gallery: RG 1/144 GN-001 Gundam Exia [Trans-AM Mode] (Gloss Injection Ver.) (Light Build)

Simply put, the RG Gundam Exia [Trans-AM Mode] is a beautiful machine.

The gloss injection finish on the plastic gives it a nice metallic sheen that is usually achieved by airbrush painting, and the clear greenish-yellow parts for the GN Condensers really convey the ‘powered-up’ sentiment of the Exia.