Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Season Premiere] Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 1

After a dry spell of more than three months, we finally got a full dose of Gundam Build Fighter action! Already, the first episode shows a lot of promise, with new characters and developments while still referencing events of Season 1. Where else would you find a protagonist Gundam bursting out of a Dom!

From the release schedule of GBFT model kits thus far, the focus seems to be more on Universal Century mobile suits as opposed to the other timelines, although that might change once we get the main premise underway.

So in the meantime, set damage level to A and please set your GP base!

[Kit Insight] HGBF 1/144 PPGN-001 Gundam Exia Dark Matter [TRANS-AM Mode] (Straight Build)

A C3 2014 Hobby Fair Exclusive, this version of the Exia Dark Matter is molded similarly to any of the other TRANS-AM kits, albeit with improvements and slight modifications. One of these changes are the glittery stickers - yes, the stickers themselves are given the glittery treatment to enhance their sparkle and shine. The clear parts have also become clear blue, which contrasts really well against the maroon-purple palette.

Each runner is molded in a TRANS-AMed colour, which means little to no work is to be done before snapping this kit together. This kit is an excellent addition to any Exia collection.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Kit Insight] HGCE 1/144 GAT-105E-3[Ex] Gundam Exceed Strike (Customised Build)

Model Number: GAT-105E-3[Ex] Gundam Exceed Strike
Designation: OMNI Limited Production Black Operations Use Hi-Mobility Mobile Suit


  • 4 X head-mounted "Igelstellung" 75mm Multi-barrel Anti Air CIWS
  • 2 X MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam sabers
  • 2 X MA-M1171 "Gemina" Beam Assault Carbines
  • 1 X AQM/EX-1 "Exceed Binder" Multi-Role Assault Platform
  • 2 X MGX-1904 "Solidus" Beam Cannons, mounted in lateral thruster sections of Exceed Binder
  • 1 X MGX-2235 "Calidus" Multi-phase Beam Cannon, mounted in main body of Exceed Binder