Monday, March 28, 2016

[Feature] HGIBO 1/100 Barbatos Throne - Custom Build by Sydney Hobby Shop

In the ever-expanding and dynamic Gunpla community, thousands of customised builds and kitbash ideas exist, limited only by the depth of the community's creativity. It is inspiring and uplifting to see the myriad of works done by fellow builders: from the crazy ones that combine parts from a hundred different kits to the sleek works that look like they are manufactured from a factory.

Therefore, a new feature of the Gunplanerd blog will be to showcase builds from the company. The zany, slick, fantastic, ridiculous - all are fair game for sharing and learning!

To kick off this new feature, here's a custom made throne made of spare parts from the 1/100 Barbatos, created by the proprietor of Sydney Hobby Shop!

If you would like to be Featured here, drop me an email at with nice pictures of your build(s), along with some text describing your work(s).

For now, enjoy this Barbatos Throne!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[Kit Insight] MC Model SD 1/144 MSN 04-02 The Red Comet NIGHTINGALE SPRAYING Ver.

Bandai never got around to making a SD-scale variant of the surprisingly popular Nightingale from Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children. So Chinese model kit manufacturer MC Model took it upon themselves to create a SD Nightingale, which was rather well received for its design, quality and finish, although blemishes still exist.

As an alternate representation of the same SD Nightingale, MC Model released this SPRAYING Ver. of their own model kit in 2016. Essentially a pre-built, pre-painted and pre-finished MC Model SD Nightingale, the entire kit feels more like a Gundam Fix Figuration or Chogokin action figure, with the gleaming, airbrushed metallic surfaces. Gorgeous.

The 2016 SD Nightingale comes with a plethora of stuff: the SD-fied Beam Rifle and Shield, all 10 removable funnels with accompanying funnel display effect parts (basically bendy clear plastic rods), one open hand, three large fuel tanks, a clear SD stand as well as metal decals of Char's personal insignia. It also has a LED as the monoeye sensor. All these fit nicely packaged in a huge, shiny box that is reminiscent of action figures, with a clear window showing the finished product sitting in its well waiting for you to free it from its bonds.

Don't expect much in terms of articulation. The massive Nightingale is not renowned for its ability to strike dynamic poses, and this SD variant is no different. The bicep armor pops off rather easily as well, although a little cement should eradicate that issue once and for all. The "toes" on its massive feet flap around as well, although the Nightingale looks much better when standing on solid ground. The Nightingale also looks imposing and cool just standing still doing nothing.

Apparently, this iteration of the SD Nightingale is only limited to a thousand sets, but take-up for third party model kits is slow to begin with, so at this moment, it should still be easy to secure a few sets.

The 2016 SD Nightingale from MC Model is definitely a looker with its fabulous paintjob, just don't expect to really play with it much.