Monday, March 10, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 22: Meijin VS Meijin

Hi everyone,

This is a pretty good episode, good mix and humor with an intense battle scene between the F91 Imagine and the Amazing Exia (pictured), each drawing their signature weapons, moves and special abilities.

I have a gripe though: what is with the Nike shoebox that held the F91 Imagine!

That aside, I'm a big fan of the Exia but the Exia plus Exia Repair II design does not really get to me as compared to the Exia Dark Matter. Let's see how it turns out when Allan tunes it to 100%.

Meanwhile, Reiji and Sei will battle it out one last time before the finals. Wonder if Sei will even put up a fight.

The series is coming to an end, I'm enjoying it a little too much for it to close so soon.

You can view the full episode here (with English subtitles):

Link to the clip on YoutTube if you can't view it from the player:

Happy viewing!

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