Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gallery: RG 1/144 MBF-02 Strike Rouge [Expo Limited] (Painted Build)

The RG Strike Rouge is essentially a recolour of the RG Aile Strike Gundam, whose Kit Insight can be found here. It is available only as an Expo Limited, but the P-Bandai Webstore retails a premium version of the RG Strike Rouge with a recoloured IWSP strike platform. 

The RG Strike Rouge builds the same way as its Earth Alliance Twin, possessing the same key parts, the same decal set and weaponry but also has one additional runner of parts with an extra decal sheet containing Cagalli's own personal markings. 

Modeller Notes

The colour separation for the RG Strike Rouge about the same as the RG Aile Strike, featuring two shades of pink and three shades of red in addition to the standard light grey, grey and black runners. As part of my RG preference, I repainted some of the runners for a nicer finish: the inner frame became gloss aluminium, black became metallic black, the grey parts became gunmetal and the lighter shade of red became pure red. Overall, the paintjob served to accentuate the mobility and agility of the Strike Rouge, giving it a durable but nimble look.

One of the nicer changes to the mold will be the inclusion of clear green parts for the sensors. Previously the clear parts were just, well, clear. With the addition of the green colour, the sensors are now more prominent and look way better on the Strike Rouge.

As compared to its older HG Seed Strike Rouge and the newer HGCE version, the RG Strike Rouge is somewhere in between. It is definitely a leg up from the HG Seed Strike Rouge, which featured only one tone of pink throughout in addition to having a lack of detail and articulation. However, the newer HGCE Strike Rouge features superior proportions: it is taller, leaner and looks meaner than its two predecessors. The colours on the HGCE version are also brighter, perhaps to better suggest the gender of its pilot.

Nevertheless, the RG Strike Rouge is a notable addition to any Gunpla collection, primarily because it is pink!


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