Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gunpla Gallery: RG 1/144 GN-001 Gundam Exia [Trans-AM Mode] (Gloss Injection Ver.) (Light Build)

Simply put, the RG Gundam Exia [Trans-AM Mode] is a beautiful machine.

The gloss injection finish on the plastic gives it a nice metallic sheen that is usually achieved by airbrush painting, and the clear greenish-yellow parts for the GN Condensers really convey the ‘powered-up’ sentiment of the Exia.

As compared to the HG OO version of the same kit, the RG Trans-AM Exia may well be made from a different manufacturer. Although the colours are very similar, the RG version comes off as more polished, refined and perfect, blending extremely well with the heavy emphasis on detail that befits RG kits. Then again, what you pay is what you get, and this particular Exia is only available as a Limited Edition from Bandai's Premium Webstore.

It was a surprise to note that the chrome blades were moulded in pink chrome. This was big for me, as I did not expect the blades to come in that amazing shade. Another pleasant surprise was the prismatic GN Power Lines in Trans-AM colours, which gives off a more visible rainbow of colours under light reflected from certain angles.

Apart from those, the kit is still a RG Exia, and it builds in exactly the same way. The Kit Insight for the RG Exia can be found here, while you can behold the beauty of the Trans-AM Exia in the gallery below.


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