Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kit Insight: HGUC 1/144 MSN-006A1-C Zeta Plus Commander Type (Customised Build)

Model Number: MSN-006A1-C Zeta Plus Commander Type
Designation: EFSF Limited Mass Production Transformable Mobile Suit

An increased-performance Zeta Plus, the Commander variant is issued to veterans, working with two other standard Zeta Pluses in a high speed asault fireteam of three mobile suits. Designated as a command unit, Zeta Plus-C is equipped with a simplified Hyper Mega Launcher from the Zeta #Gundam, allowing it to attack targets from a far greater range with a more encompassing field of fire. Zeta Plus teams are usually deployed with the Delta Destroy to tackle GUNDAM-level threats, clearing the battlefield of grunts and mid-level enemies to create situations for the Delta Destroy to directly confront enemy GUNDAM type machines.


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