Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Kit Insight] HGCE 1/144 GAT-105E-3[Ex] Gundam Exceed Strike (Customised Build)

Model Number: GAT-105E-3[Ex] Gundam Exceed Strike
Designation: OMNI Limited Production Black Operations Use Hi-Mobility Mobile Suit


  • 4 X head-mounted "Igelstellung" 75mm Multi-barrel Anti Air CIWS
  • 2 X MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam sabers
  • 2 X MA-M1171 "Gemina" Beam Assault Carbines
  • 1 X AQM/EX-1 "Exceed Binder" Multi-Role Assault Platform
  • 2 X MGX-1904 "Solidus" Beam Cannons, mounted in lateral thruster sections of Exceed Binder
  • 1 X MGX-2235 "Calidus" Multi-phase Beam Cannon, mounted in main body of Exceed Binder

A limited production variant of the prototype GATX-105 Strike Gundam developed by OMNI, the Exceed Strike is designed to literally exceed the expectations and specifications of its predecessor. Featuring more armor plating on vital sections of the frame (shoulders, cockpit, chest area), one main difference from the original Strike is the enlargement of the shoulder armor. Containing a pair of thrusters within, these new shoulders also aid in the Exceed Strike's survivability, given its role as a black operations strike force. 

The other stark difference is the use of the Exceed Binder, a multi-purpose combat platform based on both the Aile Striker Pack and Fatum-01 sub-flight lifter found on the Justice Gundam. The result is a versatile piece of combat equipment, able to be used as a sub-flight lifter, an atmospheric and space-use booster back, a large combat shield, a high-mega particle cannon as well as an unmanned assault drone. The Exceed Binder can be separated from the Exceed Strike and function alongside it in combat, providing the pilot with a whole suite of different tactical options.

The wings and main body of the Exceed Binder is also crafted in Phase Shift Armor, rendering it impervious to conventional arms and low-powered energy weapons. 

Further complementing its excellent maneuverability and agility, the Exceed Strike also possesses a pair of experimental pulsed inductive thruster modules mounted on the calves. These highly-efficient propulsion systems add on to the Exceed Binder's already considerate thrust and speed, allowing the Exceed Strike to attain cruising speeds close to mobile armor standards. In addition, the thrusters are able to enable the Exceed Strike to effectively hover over ground environments in gravity, granting it superior mobility. One of the pre-programmed combat routines in the Exceed Strike is the usage of the hover ability to close in on an enemy mobile suit and decisively eliminating it with a stab of the "Super Lacerta" beam saber. The thrusters can also be replaced with three-round heavy missile launchers, although these would weigh down the mobile suit considerably and are only attached in dire circumstances.


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