Friday, January 2, 2015

[Kit Insight] Tamiya Handy Electric Drill (Straight Build)

Yes, this thing is a kit.

And with all kits, the Tamiya Handy Electric Drill needs to be assembled with modelling tools, namely side cutters, tweezers, long nose pliers, hobby knife, a screwdriver and perhaps a cotton bud or two to help with grease application.

Although the instructions may look simple and straightforward, there are some parts that require careful alignment, a little elbow grease or both to make the parts sit in the frame properly.

Once done, you now have a handy dandy drill to make holes in your Gunpla! Note that Bandai uses 3mm holes as universal joints, and weapons from the HD Builders Parts series and most HG weapons are sized to those dimensions. The drill bit supplied with the kit is unfortunately a 2mm one, but you can get a full set from Daiso for just two bucks.

No more manually screwing a piece of plastic for hours on end to get an ugly hole. Just remember to stock fresh batteries with high discharge rates. Also, if you ever need more torque or power, you can swap out the stock motor with a souped-up one, perhaps a Plasma Dash!


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