Monday, June 22, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGUC 1/144 MS-14C-2 Gelgoog Cannon Commander Type [A Baoa Qu Defense Ver.] (Customised Build)

Model Number: MS-14C-2 Gelgoog Cannon Commander Type
Designation: Limited Mass Production Long Range Defense Use Mobile Suit

The Gelgoog has always been one of my favourite monoeyes: the bulky frame, boar-ish head and general ferocity makes it one of the more memorable Zeon units that came out of the One Year War, itself spinning into multiple variants and models as the UC timeline progressed.

A customised version of the original Gelgoog Cannon, this particular variant is developed for a small group build between some of us older builders. With the theme GM vs Gelgoog, we set about to create and customise our corresponding models, and due to share them this weekend. Nevertheless, my entry (of sorts) is ready for rollout!

Essentially a mobile suit fitted for one last stand against impossible odds, the A Baoa Qu Defense Ver. of the Gelgoog Cannon is largely the same as its full mass production brethren, but has a number of enhancements and upgrades to improve its performance. Issued only to veterans who have survived most of the One Year War instead of the student pilots tasked to pilot the standard Gelgoogs (to ill effect), the Commander-customised machine featured integrated small group command and control systems to facilitate the transmission of orders and combat data to the whole platoon. Retrofitted for semi-zero-gravity combat on Zeon's final fortress, this Gelgoog Cannon variant is equipped with more powerful skirt and leg thrusters, in addition to two more high-torque verniers affixed to the back of the skirt armor below the beam naginta. This allows the Commander to move swiftly from point to point, issuing orders and supplementing the defense of that particular sector.

This Commander version of the Gelgoog Cannon features many more weapons over the regular rank and file. Retaining the right shoulder-mounted high-power beam cannon and the three-tube rocket launcher mounted on its left forearm, the Commander is also outfitted with a double-barreled beam cannon with an integrated mini-shield, a six-tube armor-piercing missile launcher mounted on the left shoulder as well as a handheld experimental mega bazooka designed to sink Salamis-class cruisers with a well-placed shot.

This version of the Gelgoog Cannon only saw action during the defense of A Baoa Qu, valiantly stemming the tide of RGM-79 GMs, RB-79 Balls and their Salamis-class cruiser motherships. Despite its heavy loadout and improve combat performance, the Zeon forces were still unable to overcome the overwhelming military might of the Federation and their White Devil.


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