Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[Accessory Analysis] Pla-Act Option Series 01, 02, 03 (Straight Builds)

As part of my enduring quest to find cheaper alternatives for almost everything related to Gunpla, I stumbled upon this particular series of plastic model kits. Call Pla-Act, this is a relatively low-profile line of mecha model kits and associated products, featuring robots done up in the style of Sengoku Era warriors. In fact, all four model kits currently available are named after a well-known figure of said era: Masamune Date, Hiroyuki Sanada, Nobunaga Oda and Shingen Takeda, which is pretty cool if not for the fact that the model kits themselves are pricey, costing upwards of S$30 for a completed model that is more LBX than Gundam. 

Neverthless, the Pla-Act Option Series range of weapon add-ons is where this particular line of plamo shines. Molded with the same injection technology as Bandai, these weapons are a breath of fresh air to the usual beam rifles, cannons, missile launchers and bazookas of the Gundam Universe, instead focusing on more traditional weapons with a modernised twist, allowing them to not look out of place on a 1/144 scale model kit from Bandai. The downside however, is still the cost, as a single weapon set can set you back upwards of S$11.

But god damn it, they are gorgeous.

Pictures of each Option Series after the jump!
Pla-Act Option Series 01: Kodaci Nitou (Twin short swords)

The second blade is cleverly hidden in the lower end of the scabbard.

Pla-Act Option Series 02: Yumi (Longbow)

A Japanese-style longbow with retractable arms and beam effect parts for the bowstring and arrow? YES PLEASE.

Pla-Act Option Series 03: Soujin (Wing binders with Kunai)

This set is hands down, the best of the lot. Sick-looking wing binders rimmed with individual kunai throwing knives, throwing in a pair of huge sickles that are able to be mounted on the provided gauntlets. No wonder this item is backordered everywhere.

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