Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGUC 1/144 MS-09R-35 Rick Dom [Hi-Mobility Type] (Customised Build)

Model No.: MS-09R-35 Rick Dom [Hi-Mobility Type]
Designation: Principality of Zeon Attack Use Heavy Mobile Suit

HGBF model kits represent possible alternate evolutions to their base designs. 

Take the R-GyaGya for example. Had the Neo Zeon obtained enough funding, they could have further weaponised the R-Jarja into a mobilr suit that would have given its adversaries more trouble. 

The Dom R35 is the latest update to the formidable Dom template, featuring the addition of numerous high output thrusters and verniers to compensate for an increased bulk due to additional armor plating. Therefore, the decision to create the Rick Dom (Hi Mobility Type) from the Dom R35 practically made itself! 

Designed to strike fast, hit hard and return to base intact for further sorties, the Rick Dom (Hi Mobility Type) would only be issued to commanders and veterans of the One Year War, pilots who would be able to handle the suit's very impressive perfomance and output. The Rick Dom would have wreaked havoc on Federation forces, blasting GMs, Balls and warships to oblivion with its huge rapid fire rocket bazooka. 

A Dom just isn't a Dom without a big gun.


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