Monday, December 14, 2015

[Kit Insight] HGIBO 1/144 STH-05A Hyakuren (Teiwaz Mass Production Ver.) (Painted Build)

The Hyakuren is a unique design, blending samurai armor references with futuristic features. Despite its ostensible bulk, it still manages to achieve amazing dexterity in combat, although it is confined to space operation due to its alternative proportions.

This variant of the Hyakuren is the full mass production version manufactured (and likely sold) by Teiwaz once the Hyakuren production lines are up and running. This Hyakuren also incorporates the combat data gleaned from both Amida's and Azee's prototype units, to give Teiwaz pilots an edge over the many adversaries along the back lanes and shortcuts of the Ariadne Route to Earth.


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