Sunday, December 27, 2015

[Kit Insight] Magic Toys MG 1/100 RX-121 TR-1 [Hazel Custom] (Straight Build)

The Hazel is an intriguing mobile suit: it is huge, bulky and seemingly packed with experimental weaponry and technology. Although a HGUC version of this popular suit (and its Titans Test Team brethren) exist, fans have been calling for more Advance of Z suits, specifically more kits bearing the flag of the Titans. Third party manufacturer Magic Toys has done just that.

For a non-Bandai kit, this offering from a third party brand is quite inspiring. The level of detail imbued into the kit coupled with a relatively smooth building process is a godsend to builders looking to build alternative kits. Fitment is excellent, with little to no issue, although some parts require a little elbow grease to snap shut. Parts-wise, the Hazel comes with many, many parts, especially for the beautiful inner frame. The feet also feature working pistons!

However, articulation is where the kit suffers a little, as the bulky design doesn't permit outlandish and hyper-dynamic poses. Nevertheless, the frame and armor pieces still manage to give you decent room to work with, but the bicep armor's strength and assembly leave quite a bit to be desired. 

Overall, the Hazel Custom is a fun kit, although the assembly itself is more thrilling than the final product. That said, this kit gives you an insight into what some third party companies can offer with the limited resources at their disposal. Imagine what they can accomplish with the deep pockets and backing of a global conglomerate.

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