Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[Kit Insight] Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model 001 - Imperial Star Destroyer (Painted Build)

Bandai has been doing a great job with their Star Wars model kit releases, with the ships and humanoids all created with the level of precision we've come to expect.As a separate line from the main Star Wars model kits, the Vehicle Model series will only contain vehicles from the Star Wars universe, in a somewhat tiny scale.

That's not to say that it's just a simple piece of plastic. Bandai's engineering game is still strong here, with the small parts littered with copious amounts of detail, becoming a panel liner's wet dream.

The base colour of white leaves a lot to be desired, so I opted for a more militaristic colour of greys, black and gunmetal, along with golden thrusters. The new colour scheme serves to cement the Star Destroyer's reputation in the Star Wars universe.

Overall, the Star Destroyer is a fun build, if only a tad small.


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