Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Way Forward

For regular readers of the Gunplanerd blog, you'd have realised that I share a lot of stuff (new releases, news, builds, etc.) on my Instagram account (@jamespartan), the most recent of which can be seen in the In.Tag.Me widget at the top of this blog's page. However, the widget fails to display sometimes, and some of you may not have Instagram accounts to view my posts.

As such, I will do my best to replicate the content on my Instagram account here on the Gunplanerd blog as well, to give readers an additional source of information as well as to ensure a more regular stream of content here. I can't guarantee complete information all the time as I rely on a vast network of sources across a number of different platforms, but I will do my best to provide as much as possible.

There will be no discrimination here, everything and anything that is remotely related to Gunpla will be shared here. Along with the flagship Bandai brand, I will also share information on third party model kits, accessories, add-on kits and what not. Dragon Momoko, Mo Show, Hobby Star; all these are fair game. I also surf Chinese marketplace Taobao a lot, so expect to see interesting kits popping up from time to time. I will also share pics of my loot crates as well.

I hope that you will continue to visit Gunplanerd blog and thank you for all the support thus far!

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