Sunday, October 30, 2016

[Kit Insight] Bandai BB Senshi SD Gundam Barbatos DX (Ver. GPN)

Along with the SD EX-Standard Gundam Barbatos released earlier in the year, Bandai also dropped the BB Senshi DX version of the titular mobile suit from Iron-Blood Orphans. The DX version of the Barbatos comes with every piece of armor and weaponry worn/wielded in the anime series, including a SD-fied version of the Kutan-III Long Distance Transport Booster. For the price point, you get a lot of plastic!

That being said, you only get enough parts to create one Barbatos in a chosen form at any one time; creating the Barbatos in multiple forms simultaneously would require you to acquire more SD EX-Standard Gundam Barbatos, which is essentially the same thing in a smaller package with far lesser things. It is a blast to switch the armor pieces around to create different versions, but the 6th Form easily takes the cake.

Since it's still a SD at core, expect to apply lots of stickers or do a lot of painting to bring out the colours. But as compared to older SDs, the level of part separation here helps immensely. The feet are the troublesome, sticker-heavy part, while the Kutan-III is devoid of any other colour apart from white.

Accessories wise, the DX Barbatos set is loaded. From the Mace to the Long Sword to the 180mm Gliding Cannons, the Barbatos is spoilt for choice. The Wrench Mace even has opening jaws to recreate chomping attacks, although it can be a little stiff and may come apart if handled incorrectly.

If you're looking for a SD Barbatos to add to your collection, consider getting a DX one first, before deciding if you need five more SD EX-Standard ones to create all six forms of the Barbatos.


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