Sunday, October 30, 2016

[Kit Insight] Bandai Universal Unit RX-105 XI Gundam (Straight Build)

Bandai really loves its shokugan series of candy toys, with the new Universal Units commanding higher prices that regular HGIBO model kits for far lesser plastic. However, these small tabletop collectibles feature great sculpting, decent colour separation, a sizable part count and delicious articulation, making the lofty price tag almost worth it.

The Xi Gundam is larger than its brethren, giving you a little more justification for making the purchase. Fitment can be a little tight around the joints, and the plastic used on certain white-coloured sections can be pretty tough. One gripe I have with this collectible is that the head unit doesn't turn at all, limiting the type and number of poses that the Xi Gundam can accomplish. 

So if you want a better Xi Gundam but don't want to break the bank by getting a Mechanicore 1/72 version, you might want to consider the MC Model 1/144 version until Bandai decides to release the Xi in RE100 format.


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