Sunday, September 17, 2017

[Kit Insight] Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 RGM-89D/A1 Special Operations Jegan Type D [Tier 1 Operator Use] (Customised Build)

Based largely on the modified Jegan Type D used by ECOAS Commander Conroy Haagensen during the Sleeves Incident, the Tier 1 Operator Jegan was designed with one purpose in mind: to wreak as much havoc as possible deep behind enemy lines for as long as possible before returning to base for rearming. 
To achieve its clandestine objectives, this limited production variant of the Jegan had all its mobility limiters removed, bore a layer of special sensor-deflecting coating and was armed with a veritable armoury of weapons including an advanced bullpup assault rifle, a regular rapid-fire type beam rifle, a dual-magazine hyper bazooka, a beam handgun, a box beam saber fitted to the right forearm, a combat knife sheathed to its left shoulder, a grenade rack, a fire-nut dispenser as well as the standard Jegan shield armed with two missile launchers. This Jegan also featured a modified backpack that allowed for weapons to be switched quickly thanks to the usage of magnetic hard points.

Once inserted into the heart of enemy territory, the Tier 1 Operator Use Jegan will begin taking out high value targets and key installations, using the hyper bazooka for knocking out hard targets while keeping enemy mobile suits at day with the bullpup assault rifle. The regular beam rifle is used when a little more penetrative power is needed to gut a particularly pesky Zeon unit or when a target is hiding behind a slab of thick armour.

Amongst the gauntlet of weapons at the Jegan's disposal, Tier 1 Operator pilots prefer to use the beam handgun. Handy, easy to wield while packing a huge punch, the beam handgun was made famous by Conroy Haagensen when he used an experimental version of the sidearm to successfully hold off a number of Sleeves mobile suits attacking the Nahel Argama during the climax of the Sleeves Incident, including a veteran Schuzurum Gallus. Essentially a lower-capacity beam rifle in a more compact package, the beam handgun freed up the pilot to use another weapon without compromising on damage output.

Although not bladed with a beam edge, the trusty and time-honoured combat knife had its uses, and in the hands of a Tier 1 Operator, was a force to be reckoned with. Tier 1 Operator pilots have been observed to stab enemy joints with the combat knife, disabling the limb that the joint is associated with and leaving the enemy wide open for a beam handgun shot to a vital region. The knife can also be used to knock out mobile suit optics, blinding the enemy pilot. Certain pilots have also been recorded using the knife to penetrate enemy cockpits after the armour had been softened up. 

The Tier 1 Operator Use Jegan omits the standard waist-mounted beam saber in favour of a 3-round grenade rack. However, the box beam saber mounted to the right forearm gives the Jegan a quick-draw defensive measure to guard against enemy beam melee weapons. Able to be deployed much quicker than a standard beam saber, Tier 1 Operator pilots have been recorded to activate the beam sabers directly into the enemy's cockpit area.

Although not fielded in large numbers, the Tier 1 Operator Use Jegan Type D was a force multiplier on the battlefield, keeping enemy forces on their toes and distracting them from the main attack force. This minimised the risk to allied Gundam-types during the main offensive, and the Tier 1 Operators made use of their Jegan's impressive abilities to support the missions of the friendly high performance machines.


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