Thursday, March 8, 2018

[Gallery] Bandai HGIBO 1/144 EB-06J-R Graze Ground Type High Mobility Custom (Customised Build)

Model Number: EB-06J-R Graze Ground Type High Mobility Custom
Designation: Gjallarhorn Limited Production Assault Use Mobile Suit (Arianrhod Fleet)

Yes, it's modeled after the Black Tri-Stars Dom!
The custom machine of an unnamed Gjallarhorn ace from Rustal Ellion's Arianrhod Fleet, this particular Graze Ground Type pushed speed and mobility levels on terrestrial surfaces to the absolute limit. Mounting four sets of the standard Graze thrusters (two on the multi-rack backpack and two on the rear waist armour) in addition to the pair of large hover units attached to the thigh armour that work in conjunction with the hover units on the soles of the ground type feet, this Graze was able to make sharp turns on a dime and execute high velocity attack maneuvers, its acrobatic movements throwing enemy sensors off balance.

Armed with a large bazooka chambered for 380mm armour-piercing rounds along with a short lance that incorporates a 120mm rifle, the Graze Ground Type High Mobility Custom blitzed its targets with speed and heavy damage. The mobile suit had been observed to bombard enemy units from range while closing the distance with its superior mobility before finishing its hapless victim off with a lance thrust to the cockpit, followed by a burst from the 120mm rifle for good measure.

Deployed to terrestrial mission zones on Rustal's orders, the Graze Ground Type High Mobility Custom terminated its targets with extreme prejudice.


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