Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[Gallery] Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 RGM-89DEW EWAC Jegan (EFSF Type) (Customised Build)

Model Model: RGM-89DEW EWAC Jegan
Designation: EFSF Limited Mass Production Early Warning and Control Use Mobile Suit

As the saying goes, "Knowing the enemy is half the battle."

A variant of the Jegan modified and outfitted for intelligence gathering and fact-finding duties, the EWAC Jegan was first put into active use by Londo Bell, sortied to identify the Neo Zeon mothership and provide targeting data for the Nahel Argama to sink it from range. With the success and proven utility of the EWAC Jegan, EFSF high command authorised the limited mass production of these units for the EFSF's regular forces.

Designated for the exclusive use by regular EFSF forces, this version of the EWAC-role mobile suit featured thicker chest armour to improve pilot survivability and preservation of collected data. It also sported a more utilitarian and militaristic colour scheme over the Londo Bell variant, allowing it to blend into a variety of combat environments.

Befitting of its EWAC role, the EWAC Jegan is equipped with a large sensor unit mounted on the backpack that interfaces directly with the head unit, a smaller sensor unit attached to the left forearm as well as a camera unit attached to the right forearm. When activated, the seams on the large sensor unit grow gold, collecting data and processing images with its powerful onboard supercomputer. In fact, all of the sensor equipment on board the EWAC Jegan rivals and actually exceeds the sensor performance of a Federation Salamis Kai cruiser, giving the mobile suit battleship grade sensor capabilities. While mostly automated, the EWAC Jegan's pilot will have to assume manual control to take more accurate readings of particular objects of interest, a test of skills especially in active combat zones.

While not intended for direct combat, the EWAC Jegan is still equipped with standard-issue mobile suit armament for self-defense. Armed with a beam rifle that is stored on the back waist armour, three flash grenades designed to confuse enemy sensors for the EWAC Jegan to make a quick escape and a standard beam saber, the mobile suit can hold its own until reinforcements arrive, though the large sensor unit does hinder mobility.

While vulnerable and prone to attack, the EWAC Jegan was usually deployed in advance of the main force to hostile combat zones to scout out the opposition and tag high value targets. Its sensor package was powerful enough to pinpoint the exact location (give or take five meters) of an infantry assault rifle within a Zeon guerrilla tunnel network. The EWAC Jegan was also able to provide accurate and real-time targeting data for Federation strike packages, ranging from airstrikes, artillery shelling, orbital bombardments as well as mobile suit drops. The great operational range of the EWAC Jegan also meant that the mobile suit was able to laze targets from a safe distance and withdraw before a counterstrike could be mounted.

In fact, the EWAC Jegan had such a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, with intercepted Zeon remnant communications specifically indicating, "When you see an EWAC, you'd better evac."


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