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[GALLERY] Bandai 1/60 M9E Gernsback Commander Type Ver. IV [Strike Eagles Squadron Leader Custom] (Customised Build)

Model Number: M9E "Gernsback" Commander Variant
Designation: Mithril Third Generation Production Type Frontline Arm Slave

The supporting machine looks way better than the protagonist one!
Essentially a fully tricked-out M9E Gernsback mounting every Mithril weapon available to Arm Slaves except the 76mm Sniper Rifle, the leader of the Strike Eagles Squadron decked out his personal Commander Type machine in custom colours bearing navy blue and black hues. While overtly for cosmetic purposes and bragging rights, the colour scheme had the coincidental effect of camouflaging the Gernsback in low-light conditions.

A production-type model of the M9E variant that was given to Melissa Mao, the machine retained every hallmark of the pioneering model, including the communications and jamming antenna on the head unit. Modifications and adjustments were made to the power systems to boost energy efficiency in an attempt to prolong the unit's operational time, although a full test was yet to be conducted. Like Melissa Mao's machine, all M9Es had mobile command and control capabilities alongside the standard ECS packages, allowing Gernsback squadrons to operate independently in areas far away from Mithril support infrastructure. 

As a state-of-the-art purpose-built machine intended to fight wars, the M9 Gernsback was fully-equipped for this purpose. Along with built-in weapons such as a pair of head-mounted AM-11 12/7mm chainguns and a forearm-mounted XM18 Wire Gun, the Strike Eagles' M9 loadouts tended to lean towards their self-proclaimed "more is more" combat philosophy. 

The AWS2000 Graz Mannlicher LDW used by the Strike Eagles essentially combined all configurations of the weapon into a single assembly. Carrying all attachments from an optic-integrated carrying handle, a 40mm HE grenade launcher, a shock stabilising stock to an expanded magazine with AP rounds), a GeoTron Electronics GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter stored in a scabbard was also mounted on the outward facing side of the weapon. This gave the pilot a quick-draw melee weapon against near-range marauders. Strike Eagles Gernsback units also carried into combat the standard-issue GEC-B 40mm assault rifle stored on the rear skirt armour and an armour-piercing OTO Melara "Boxer" 57mm shotcannon kept on the side skirt armour. The Strike Eagles Squadron Leader also regularly brought a GeoTron Electronics GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter (Large) into battle, a weapon as famous as the pilot it originated from.

The Strike Eagles Squadron was usually deployed deep behind enemy lines to take out high value targets or to carry out intense assault operations. Employing guerrilla-style tactics that made full use of their walking arsenals, the Strike Eagles were able to put down a heavy screen of firepower that kept enemies at bay, overcoming opposition with sheer, raw damage. In the words of the Strike Eagles' Squadron Leader: "There is no problem a bullet cannot solve!"


Before Waterslide Decal Application

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  1. Its beautiful, just a shame you used a sticker decal on such a beautiful paint job. shoulda gone waterslide