Friday, October 19, 2018

[CUSTOM] Premium Bandai HGTO 1/144 RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom [EFSF Special Forces Use] - Customised Build

Model Number: RGM-79SC
Designation: EFSF Mass Production High Performance Special Forces Use Mobile Suit

Hands down, the best GM variant of the One Year War.

The versatility of the GM mobile suit frame spawned dozens of variants and specialised models, but the one model that quite literally launched the rest was the GM Sniper Custom variant, itself a high performance unit cobbled together by Federation engineers to meet the demands of veteran pilots.

As the One Year War wore on, Federation mobile suit pilots became increasingly skilled through the fires of war, with veterans quickly putting their standard issue RGM-79 GMs through their paces and through the wringer. This resulted in an almost unanimous call for better performing mobile suits from the veteran pool, in order to mount a powerful offensive on the final Zeonic fortress of A Baoa Qu to decisively end the war. To placate EFSF veterans while accelerating the development of GM technology, the GM Sniper Custom was created.

Essentially an upgraded GM with thicker armour and much higher thruster output, the Sniper in its name can be a bit of a misnomer as the mobile suit was used as a special operations unit rather than in a sniper role. Although the GM Sniper Custom was equipped with a R4 Type Beam Rifle as standard equipment, the weapon did not necessarily perform as a sniper's rifle, although its range far exceeds conventional beam weapons of the time. The flip-down targeting visor was also used to focus main sensor output onto a single point, allowing for precision, pin-point firing to knock out critical areas of enemy mobile suits and/or capital ships.

The P-Bandai HGTO 1/144 RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom is one of the best model kits to come out of the already stellar High Grade The Origin line. Condensing all modern HGTO characteristics into the model kit, the GM Sniper Custom has the newer flexible torso, movable ankle armour as well as MG-style knee armour that moves with the leg bend.

This version of the GM Sniper Custom was maintained by the Special Forces service branch of the EFSF, operating under the direct supervision of General Revill himself. Directed to execute clandestine operations and daring raids behind enemy lines, the Special Forces GM Sniper Customs were painted in a duller dark green colour scheme, reminiscent of propeller-driven combat aircraft in use during ancient wars. But more distinctly, this platoon of GM Sniper Customs were armed to the teeth. 

Equipped for its role as close quarters combatant, EFSF Special Forces made use of anti-armour handguns as their primary weapons. Easy to wield in tight areas while packing a formidable punch, the handguns were difficult to use as they could not mount complex targeting optics and relied on the GM's compound sensor and the pilot's skill to nail targets. Nonetheless, the veterans of the EFSF Special Forces used these weapons to great effect, terrorising Zeonic units in the narrow corridors and passageways of their own space fortress.

The Special Forces variant of the GM Sniper Custom was equipped with a 120mm gatling gunpod mounted to the left forearm. This was an early experimental version of the weapon that would be installed on the Gundam NT-1 "Alex" as well as the on the Gundam AN-01 "Tristan", although these were eventually refined to be integrated within the forearm armour and not as an attachment. Despite its small magazine size, the gunpod shredded enemy armour with its sheer rate of fire, the epitome of quantity over quality.

On the right forearm, a single beam saber was mounted on a purpose-built recharge rack. Its positioning allowed for rapid deployment without the mobile suit actually handling the weapon, although it can be used in the standard manner as well.

The most powerful weapon mounted on the EFSF Special Forces GM Sniper Custom is the 360mm rocket cannon mounted on an armature connected to the backpack. Loaded with 8 depleted uranium rounds with a tungsten carbide ferrous core, the shells fired by the weapon disintegrated into thousands of shards only after breaking through the armour of the target. This caused devastating damage to mobile suits, similar to the effect of shotgun pellets albeit on a far more devastating scale. The compact size of the rocket cannon made it easy to wield, allowing GM Sniper Customs mount volleys of destructive fire at Zeonic mobile suits and capital ships alike.

Rounding up the equipment loadout for the EFSF Special Forces Use variant of the GM Sniper Custom, the R4 Beam Rifle and Double Beam Spray Gun were carried into battle was secondary resort weapons due to their limited charge and over-proportionate power given the tactical situation.

When push came to shove, these weapons were very effective in stemming the tide of Zeonic defenders, many taken aback by the sheer power of mobile suit beam weapons fielded by the Federation.

Deployed into a heavily defended zone of space fortress A Baoa Qu under the cover of GM Guard Troopers, a fire team of crack troops piloting souped-up GM Sniper Customs made their way into the maw of the Zeonic base, intending to knock out its main power generator in order for the main Federation attack force to mount a successful assault. Working their way through the cavernous holds and winding passageways, the Special Forces Operators eventually found their objective, but it was guarded by a Zeonic machine that should not even exist.


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