Monday, December 17, 2018

[Kit Insight] Bandai Haropla Momoharo [Clear Color] - Limited Item (Light Build)

Bandai's latest method to siphon your hard-earned money: getting you to buy balls.
An extremely simple kit that looks cute and attractive, it's not hard to see why these Haros are the next Petitgguys, designed to be affordable, easy to build and small enough to hoard.

This limited edition clear coloured Momoharo allows you to see its silver inner frame (spray painted with Red Fox Bright Silver) through the clear pink, giving it a distinctively mechanical and skeletal visage. 

As with all Haropla, the Momoharo has limbs that parts-form extend from its orifices. These appendages can be stored underneath the bundled action base so that they don't disappear into the next dimension. 

The Momoharo is pretty tiny, being smaller in stature than a HGPG 1/144 Petitgguy. The third party Haro with lights and sound seems like it will eat up the Momoharo, while HG 1/144 model kits can use Haros as soccer balls.

Haropla are good stress-relievers but you run a risk of buying too many of them. Then again, regular Gunpla work the same way.


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