Saturday, March 9, 2019

[CUSTOM] Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 RGM-89D-ESC/FP Jegan Type-D (Federal Police Tactical Unit)

Model Number: RGM-89D-ESC/FP
Designation: EFSF Federal Police Force Mass Production General Purpose Mobile Suit

Getting the police force war ready!
While considerable resources and funding were routed to the deployment and maintenance of the regular EFSF troops, the Federal Police Force units tasked with peacekeeping duties were usually given aging equipment or repurposed hand-me-downs in deplorable conditions, barring some exceptions.

With repeated incursions by Zeon remnants, mercenary groups and other armed players into Federation population centres towards the end of the first Universal Century, Federation leadership finally realised that security on the homefront should not be taken lightly and embarked on a programme to modernise the Federal Police Force with war-ready equipment, beginning with the RGM-89D-ESC/FP.

Intended as the first line of defence against hostile threats in urban population centres, the Jegan Type-D (Federal Police Tactical Unit) was essentially the regular EFF army's Jegan Type-D (Escort Type) repainted in Federal Police colours. This version of the Jegan Type-D built on the stellar performance of the regular Jegan Type-D, used primarily by the famous Londo Bell Taskforce. This effectively gave the Police force warfighting capabilities, which were sorely needed against relentless adversaries armed with serviceable equipment from the many previous wars bent on achieving their objectives no matter the cost.

These Jegans featured a modified head unit, bearing the Full Action Special Tactical (FAST) helmet attachment in lieu of the standard Jegan head sensor unit. While being heavily armoured, the new head unit also contained equipment that helped in urban combat, including thermal imaging sensors and radar systems.

The Federal Police Tactical Unit model of the Jegan Type-D (Escort Type) retained all equipment of its EFF army predecessor, including the new model 90mm machine gun, missile-loaded shield, grenade rack and single beam saber.

The fire-linked 90mm machine gun was useful in urban engagements as it minimised unnecessary and sometimes catastrophic beam damage to colonies, although the spent shell casings themselves regularly caused property damage. The standard attack procedure was to advance onto a target with shields raised, whittling away at the target's armour with hundreds of 90mm armour-piercing rounds until the target fell or when the Jegans ran out of ammunition. At that point, beam sabers were ignited for close range combat. 

Despite the rugged performance of the Jegan Type-D, enemy access to increasingly powerful equipment - especially Zeon Remnants - soon forced the Federal Police Force onto the defensive in certain hotspots. This necessitated the early, rushed deployment of the latest mobile suit delegated for the Federal Police Force: the FD-03/FP-SWAT Gustav Karl (Special Weapons And Tactics). 


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