Saturday, September 28, 2019

[Quick Look] Premium Bandai GFrame LRX-077 Sisquiede [Titans Colour]

Come on Bandai, drop a proper HG 1/144 Sisquiede already!

A unique version of the Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame line of collectible pseudo-model kits, the Sisquiede package (both AEUG and Titans) comes bundled with a fully articulated inner frame and weapons as compared to its predecessors such as the G-Frame RX-78-6 Gundam Mudrock.

A P-Bandai offering for whatever reason, the GFrame Sisquiede "model kits" are bordering on the high side in terms of price point (S$44 each before shipping) , with the relative scarcity of the item due to its P-Bandai branding exacerbating the situation. But the GFrame line is still relatively obscure and most builders will opt to expend the coin for a (or a couple) of High Grade model kits.

The Sisquiede itself is an enigma, existing only on artwork and video games and most recently a SDCS model kit. The GFrame version represents a Real Type variation of the Sisquiede, giving us a true look at the monoeye Gundam as it is meant to be.

As the outer armour pieces were all cut and mounted onto the inner frame assembly, construction of the Sisquiede took maybe 5 minutes. Out of the box, the shoulder and hip joints do seem a little loose and floppy, but a dollop of super glue was sufficient to strengthen them. This allows for a great range of poseability and articulation, with the Sisquiede being able to hoist the gigantic I-Field Launcher without using the included stand arm.


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