Monday, December 30, 2019

[Kit Insight] Premium Bandai HGTO 1/144 RGM-79KC GM Intercept Custom [Fellow Booster Equipped] - Painted Build

Model Number: RGM-79KC
Designation: EFSF Limited Production Space Interception Use Mobile Suit

The complete interception package!

The RGM-79KC GM Intercept Custom was an offshoot of the stellar RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom, itself a masterpiece of a mobile suit design during the dying days of the One Year War. While the Sniper Custom typically hung out around the back of EFSF attack formations, Intercept Customs were meant to, well, intercept enemy units, ships and high value targets. 

While limited numbers of the RGM-79KC model were produced, enough were made to further stratify usage into two areas of coverage: space and atmospheric. The RGM-79KC Intercept Custom was meant for orbital and space-use warfare, while the RGM-79KC/Pr GM Interceptor Custom was deployed in terrestrial engagements.

The default output of the Intercept Custom provided enough juice to chase down and destroy enemy mobile suits, but the addition of the Fellow Booster (or the Predator Assault Booster for atmospheric engagements) more than tripled the GM's operational runtime and provided more tactical options to use against hardened targets.

With the Fellow Booster equipped, the GM Intercept Custom was now able to hunt fleeing capital ships.

Lightly armed with a 90mm space-use submachine gun and a single beam saber, the Fellow Booster equipped the GM Intercept Custom with 12 anti-ship heavy missiles guided to target by the Fellow Booster's onboard FCS. These heavy rounds were able to be fired while the GM Intercept Custom was moving at full speed, counting on the forward momentum to compensate for the kickback without losing traction. The missiles were also able to be reloaded fairly quickly by support ships, allowing the GMs to chase down more enemy targets during a single operation.

Sortied in tandem with other GM variants, the GM Intercept Custom worked with its specialised counterparts to create a very effective GM dragnet that ensnared and destroyed all Zeon opposition unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake. The vast numbers of GMs produced by the Federation also meant that this dragnet was very, very sizable.


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