Sunday, March 8, 2020

[Kit Insight] GoodSmileCompany Moderoid 1/60 RK-92M Savage [Mithril Type] - Customised Build

Model Number: RK-92M
Designation: Mithril 2nd Generation Mass Production General Purpose Use Arm Slave

This model kit of the Savage has NO RIGHT being this good.
A stubby looking Arm Slave that can still kick some serious ass if piloted by the right hands, the Moderoid version of the Savage looks to be a simple but delightfully fun build. The RK-92 Savage model kit is in the same scale as Bandai's line of Full Metal Panic Arm Slave model kits, such as the M9 Gernsback.

Mithril's version of the heavily-used RK-92 Savage Arm Slave weapons platform, the RK-92M is improved with Mithril-derived technology under-the-hood along with the addition of Mithril weaponry such as the Oerlikon Contraves GDC-B 40mm Rifle and the GeoTron Electronics GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter as standard armament.

Deployed into combat zones where the M9 Gernsback is deemed as overproportionate force, the Savage is a cheaper, readily-deployable alternative that can be quickly fielded into almost any battle environment.

The Moderoid 1/60 RK-92 Savage model kit has a very realistic looking battle stance, both hands working in tandem to achieve a very natural and very dyanmic firing posture. While the bundled Loginov BK-540 37mm Rifle adequately shows off the tactical flexibility of the Savage, it truly shines when handling the longer Oerlikon Contraves GDC-B 40mm Rifle (sourced from the Bandai Full Metal Panic 1/60 M9 Gernsback model kit). The length and heft of the 40mm Rifle allows the Savage to make full use of its lanky arms, tight joints and beautifully sculpted expressive hands to achieve a wonderful pew-pew pose.

Contrary to its barrel-like build, the Savage has a very generous range of motion that puts even Master Grades to shame. When combined with its absurd - sometimes tight - stability and fitment, the Savage can give and take a lot of punishment.

Just like its anime version.


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