Thursday, May 28, 2020

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBD 1/144 GH-001RB Grimoire Red Beret

Model Number: GH-001RB
Designation: Rommel's Custom General Purpose Mobile Suit

#CircuitBreakerBacklogChallenge Build #19 - one of the coolest GBN re-imaginations to one of the most unique mobile suit designs!

A slightly upgraded and modified version of Colonel Rommel's custom general purpose mobile suit fielded during large-scale Force Battles, this variant of the distinctive Grimoire Red Beret featured a colour scheme with a heavier emphasis on green although its signature red beret was still ever-present. As a rallying point for his own forces, Rommel preferred to charge headfirst into battle, leading the 7th Panzer Division as its spear but still using his strategic genius to win battles.

The Grimoire Red Beret carried a large assault rifle into battle that featured a removable underslung grenade launcher as well as a pistol hidden as the rifle butt. In the event of a malfunctioning or damaged forward receiver, the weapon could also function as a submachine gun. The Grimoire's main camera interfaced directly with the large sighting scope mounted on the assault rifle, calculating and drawing up precise firing solutions in nanoseconds. The backpack mounted beam cannons could also make use of this targeting feature for greater accuracy.

The large-caliber assault weapon was able to blow gaping holes into conventional Gunpla, with a rapid-fire setting giving Rommel the ability to lay down thick screens of suppressing fire for his forces to advance. Combined with the mobility of the Grimoire Red Beret, Rommel was able to run-and-gun, the land skates incorporated into the mobile suit's feet allowing him to turn on a dime and execute flashy acrobatic maneuvers.

While Rommel hardly had to deal with close-in enemy forces due to his personal guard, there were times when a random enemy unit managed to breach the protective screen and engaged Rommel directly.

Unfortunately for said enemy units however, Rommel had a couple of countermeasures. The pistol found in the butt of the assault rifle was usually sufficient enough to stop a standard mobile suit with a couple of rounds, but Rommel usually followed up with a flurry of slashing attacks from the plasma knife. Able to parry beam saber blades, the plasma knife made short work of common mobile suit armour but was limited by its diminutive size and range, relegating it to a last-resort weapon.

The Grimoire Red Beret had a few tricks up its sleeves, or rather shins, in the form of a pair of flip-out scissor claws. Used primarily to ensnare, immobilise or incapacitate enemy combatants, the scissor claw was most suited for capture operations, whereby Rommel would pounce onto the enemy target and grab it with the scissor claws. A shot or two from the pistol or a stab from the plasma knife was usually sufficient to disable the hapless capture.

Rommel packed a pair of Stealth Minimoires in the Grimoire's bulky backpack to help the 7th Panzer Division create a more accurate tactical map of the battlefield. These small automated drones were lightly armed with small-caliber cannons that were next to useless against mobile suit armour and were best suited for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering missions.

Unlike many Divers in the GBN, Rommel didn't constantly change his Gunpla, preferring to upgrade and constantly refine the Grimoire Red Beret into a lasting powerhouse of the 7th Panzer Division. 


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