Wednesday, May 12, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGUC 1/144 FA-007GIII.R2/T Full Armour Gundam Mk-III (Refined) [Titans Force Rush Type] - WIP

Model Number: FA-007GIII.R2/T
Designation: Titans Single Production High Mobility Heavy Attack Use Mobile Suit

In the hands of the Titans, any mobile suit quickly became a deadly weapon.
The Titans had a never-ending fascination and obsession with developing increasingly powerful mobile suits to serve their nefarious ends, committing mountains of money and resources into creating truly formidable machines. One such unit was the FA-007GIII.R2/T Full Armour Gundam Mk-III (Refined) [Titans Force Rush Type], which was quickly nicknamed the "Titans' Zeta" due to its similarity in terms of performance and battlefield role with the AEUG's famous Gundam-type mobile suit.

Despite the Zeta moniker, the mobile suit was a Gundam Mk-III at base, albeit with vast improvements across the board. The Titans' Zeta featured heavy armour and multiple powerful armaments (one handheld medium beam rifle, one handheld beam scattering gun, a pair of beam sabers, two knee mounted beam cannons, two backpack-mounted heavy energy projectors), the increased mass offset by an armed flight pack that provided extreme mobility while eliminating the need to transform.

As per its official name, the Titans' Zeta was usually deployed directly into enemy formations, breaking through the defensive perimeter and decimating high value targets before retreating into enemy territory. While the Titans' Zeta had sufficiently thick armour plating to survive most attacks, it also had a pair of experimental MS-portable I-Field generators mounted on its forearms, allowing it to defend against beam attacks up to the intensity of a capital ship barrage.

Combined with the mobile suit's mobility, the Titans' Zeta was hard to hit and even harder to shoot down, the task made monumentally more difficult by the fact that the mobile suit was usually piloted by a Titans Cyber Newtype. This Newtype was particularly cruel in her tactics, likely an unintended side effect of her mental programming. The Titans' Zeta was observed drop-kicking Zeon Remnant Zakus into space debris before opening up with the beam scattering gun directly into the open cockpit, laughing maniacally throughout.


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