Thursday, August 26, 2021

[CUSTOM] P-Bandai HG00 1/144 GNY-004T Gundam Plutone [Direct Intervention Colours] - WIP

Model Number: GNY-004T
Designation: Celestial Being Prototype Special Specification Mobile Suit

Sometimes, directly addressing the roots of the world's problems works better.
A variant of the GNY-004 Gundam Plutone that was slated for limited mass production after sufficient testing and gathering of actual combat data, the "Direct Intervention" version was meant to be deployed against the armed forces of the planet's warring factions with the aim of complete forceful disarmament. 

Instead of having just a quartet of immensely powerful Gundam units wreak havoc and scare the world into peaceful resolution, the darker side of Celestial Being's plan involved steamrolling all opposing armies with overwhelming power through larger numbers of technologically-advanced mobile suits.

Done up in a low-visibility colour scheme that blended well with both urban and space combat environments, the Gundam Plutone [Direct Intervention Colours] was lightly armed with a GN Beam Rifle, GN Shield and a pair of GN Beam Sabers stored in the knees. Many of these traits were carried over to the Gundam Nadleeh, including the generation of the formidable GN Field. 

Gundam Plutone [Direct Intervention Colours] units routinely worked in fireteams of four, deploying overlapping GN Fields while simultaneously laying down devastating volleys of GN beam fire at high speeds, often catching enemy platoons completely unaware and unprepared.


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