Saturday, November 27, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai Kyoukai Senki HG 1/72 YM-02 MAILeS Kenbu - Straight Build

Model Number: YM-02
Designation: Amō Shiiba's Close Combat Oriented MAILeS (I-LeS-equipped AMAIM)

The Bandai Kyoukai Senki HG 1/72 line of AMAIM model kits continues to impress!
The Kenbu is a nice, solid build that is quite different from the earlier KM-01 Byakuchi, with a more polished and completed design language as compared to the Byakuchi's prototype or test-type aesthetic. While both units are still MAILeS and share some commonality, there are key differences that add to the richness of the AMAIMs.

Relying on its uniquely designed joints, the Kenbu is able to execute and hold a wide range of dynamic poses, although its relatively small pivoting feet do pose some challenge in grounding for stability. The head unit is a joy to put together, with a part count and build experience rivalling even Master Grade model kits.

The bundled weapons work beautifully with the Kenbu and give it so much character; you also get the necessary parts to make the incomplete form of the Kenbu, much like the Gundam Barbatos at the start of that series. I do personally feel that both the Kenbu and Byakuchi look tremendously better wielding guns than swords/ blades. This is perhaps due to their rugged, tank-like profiles.

The Kenbu brings so much to the table even when straight built, promising lots of fun posing it with its wide variety of weapons and equipment. Can't wait for its inevitable upgraded, endgame form!


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