Wednesday, December 29, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai Code Geass 1/35 Alexander Type-02 [Production Spec] - Painted Build

Model Number: WOX-Type02/A
Designation: Europia United Special Forces Knightmare Frame for Anti-Knightmare Frame Combat

No, this is not Blue Arcee.

A high-spec Knightmare Frame developed for special operations by Europia United, the Alexander Type-02 focused on mobility, with its lightweight body and high-performance frame routinely outrunning almost all of its contemporary adversaries. The high mobility came at a grave cost: the Alexander's thin armour could not withstand sustained barrages from conventional weaponry and no cockpit ejection system was installed.

The E.U used these machines to scary effect, carrying out guerilla-style raids on enemy convoys and taking out high value targets. The Alexanders were meant to kill other Knightmare Frames, and were amply equipped for the task. The WAW-04 “Judgement” 30mm linear assault rifle and "Bishop  Longray" attack sword were carried over to the production model, along with the pair of concealed "Uruna Edge" combat knives. A few units within an Alexander platoon carried two rifles mounted on the sides of the cockpit into battle, serving as mid-range fire support for its comrades. 

Alexander Type-02 [Production Spec] units performed admirably against enemy Knightmare Frames and were capable of turning the tide against seemingly impossible odds. While the unusual "insect mode" was a little unnerving, the high mobility granted by that form greatly made up for its disturbing look which also had an unintended psychological effect on enemy pilots. The Alexander's plethora of weaponry enabled it to survive most engagements, but fallen units did not count towards the E.U's total fighting strength since the pilots were all Elevens.


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