Sunday, January 23, 2022

[Kit Insight] Bandai Girl Gun Lady 1/1 Scale Blast Girl Gun Ver. Bravo Tango - Light Build

It doesn't shoot but it still feels good!
The best looking firearm from Bandai Spirits' decently-interesting Girl Gun Lady live-action series about high school girls being enrolled into a high-stakes four-sided battle royale for their literal existence.

The Bandai Girl Gun Lady 1/1 Blast Girl Gun Ver. Bravo Tango model kit has quite a few chunky parts with great part separation. A small sheet of stickers is provided to add detail, but only 3 ammo cartridges are bundled with the kit although the Blast Girl Gun's cylinder can hold a maximum of 5.

I honestly never thought that I'd have so much fun with what is essentially an inert Nerf blaster that you have to build yourself. Sure, the spring-loaded mechanisms can be a little wonky but come on, when can you get to hold something that is basically a cross between a revolver and a submachine gun?!

While a few colours (Flat Black, Metallic Black, Sparkling Black, 2 shades of Gold, Bright Silver, Medium Grey) were added to give the kit a little more variation, the gorgeous stock violet blends superbly with the white parts while providing great contrast against the darker colours, resulting in a weapon that is decidedly feminine yet still retains a primal ferocity. The stickers provided also work really well, although some are notoriously challenging to align with their corresponding areas.

If I could get hold of another one of these bad girls, I definitely would!


Comparison with Nerf Maverick REV-6 and Rapidstrike CS-18

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