Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gunpla Gallery: HGUC 1/144 RX-0[N] Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Unit 02 Banshee Norn [Destroy Mode] (Customised Straight Build)

Well, I didn't need two Full Armor Unicorn Gundams, so I gave a Full Armor Pack to the Banshee Norn, and look at the result.

Some might say it's overpowered and whatnot, but this Full Armor Banshee Norn is just how I like my Gundams: you can never have too much weaponry.

Putting the Full Armor Pack onto the Banshee Norn was surprisingly easy, everything just bolted right on. The deployed Armed Armor DE actually fits better than a deployed Unicorn Shield, sitting neatly in between the two massive boosters. On the Shields, they require you to replace the grey parts before they can be fitted onto the Beam Gatling Cannons, other than that, some care needs to be exercised when attaching the myriad weaponry onto the backpack: the Armed Armor XC is connected to the backpack by a single flat peg that will break if pushed too far (just like a mobile suit).

The Full Armor Pack gives the Banshee Norn an even more badass look, too bad we wouldn't see this iteration of the Banshee Norn on this Saturday's premier of Gundam Unicorn Episode 7.

It will just have to exist on my display shelf and on this blog.

More Pictures

I call this the Unicorner.

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