Sunday, May 3, 2015

[Kit Insight] Bandai 1/500 Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (Light Build)

The Yamato is a classic, be it the World War 2 monster or the sci-fi rendition of that World War 2 monster. It is the amalgamation of Japanese military ambition, manifested in a seemingly obsolete weapon of war that still manages to strike fear into the engine rooms of any contemporary warship it faced. It was huge, insanely well-armed and armoured, as well as crewed by the most exceptional of men. The Yamato had a few big sticks, and was not afraid to use it.

The Space Battleship Yamato is a futuristic take on the classic warship, outfitting it with advanced weaponry and spaceflight capability in order to take on the malevolent Garmilas. Despite the differences in time, the 2199 version of the Yamato is still every inch its World War 2 ancestor: it is big, mean and bristles with guns.

The 1/500 scale Yamato isn't a complicated build, it just has numerous small parts that might disappear into the next dimension if one isn't careful. The manual has you build the Yamato from the ground up, as if you are really constructing a space-faring warship. The superstructure gets built first, followed by the two first and third bridges as well as the funnel, followed by the main and secondary cannons before fixture of the multiple anti-aircraft emplacements. The end result is momentous to behold, although the box it comes in isn't really representative of the kit's final size. 

Prepare for broadside!


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