Sunday, September 13, 2015

[Kit Insight] Audley A-Type 1/100 UNX-1S Pioneer Kainar Ver.GPN (Painted Build)

The Kainar series has always been something of an enigma: it doesn't really count as a bootleg but it parallels Bandai kits in many aspects. The first season saw a release of about 20 model kits across the different grades, accompanied by an anime series that didn't really take off here in Singapore. However, the model kits enjoyed some success, being swept up by modelers for their customisation/cannibalism needs.

Season 2 holds more promise, if the Pioneer Kainar is any indication. Having more parts than a big box Bandai MG kit (MG Amazing Red Warrior, MG Blitz, MG Build Strike Full Package, etc.), the Pioneer is ostensibly inspired by the Unicorn/Banshee Gundam, sporting clear orange psychoframe parts that take up three entire runners. The Pioneer is able to morph into a pseudo-NTD mode, where sections of the armor lift up/slide away to reveal more of the sexy psychoframe, the parts on the psychoframe gated to minimise nubs and damage to the more visible parts. The NTD gimmick is most apparent in the awesome-as-hell backpack binders, blooming like a flower to push out a central psychoframe piece. If there has to be a reason to get the Pioneer, this is it (apart from that huge beam cannon).

The articulation is also pretty amazing, with Pioneer being able to easily execute the knee bend, touch its own shoulders and move its head in ways other MG kits cannot. The MG-style hands on the Pioneer are pretty good, much better than the crappy Dragon Momoko MG 3.0 hands that snap off like dried twigs. 

The Pioneer however, suffers from a number of ridiculous design flaws, particularly in the front skirt armor. The lower section of said armor is attached to the upper section by a thin piece of plastic that is less than a millimetre thick, which in turn is attached to the front crotch section by another piece of plastic that is no better. As a result, my Pioneer is now without its left front skirt armor, snapped off by the rigors of dynamic posing.

But hey, for S$40, who's complaining?