Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gunplanerd in Seoul!

If you've been following my Instagram (@jamespartan) regularly, you would know that I recently visited the land of kimchi and hot girl groups with my significant other as a short getaway from reality. Naturally, I sought out the one place in Seoul I HAD to visit: The Gundam Base!

It's a pretty snazzy place, chock full of Gundam memorabilia and paraphernalia. Their posing game is also strong as well, with kits on display posed beautifully and more dynamically than many local toy stores and some hobby shops. 

Don't expect much in terms of kit selection though, although the myriad shelves are well stocked (to the brim) with the latest releases and older ones alike. What you can find here can be found via the usual channels as well, although prices here are definitely lower than all retail outlets in Singapore, especially with tax refunds for us tourists.

For example, the RE100 Efreet Custom costs S$42 at The Gundam Base (Seoul), with tax refunds lowering the price to a sweet S$40. In Singapore, the same kit retails for S$86.90 in toy stores and $50 at the cheapest hobby shop. So all in all, I got a pretty sweet deal for the RE100 Efreet Custom.

On a side note, South Korea is also the manufacturer of Academy Hobby military model kits, so prices for that are low, low, low in Seoul. Snagged a 1/72 F-22 at the Lotte Mart Toys'R'Us, just because it's cheap.

So if you're in Seoul, do pop by The Gundam Base, it's a must-go for all Gundam fans! Hit the jump below for more images of the awesome location!


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