Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[Accessory Analysis] Anubis Design Studio 1/144 Heavy Combat Weapon Set (H.C.W.S)

Anubis has been doing some great work for 1/144 modelers lately, with their awesome mechanical base forming the basis for many dioramas. Their latest offering is this weapon set, packed with many parts to create various polearm-style weapons. The best part: the weapon shafts are made of METAL.

As a model kit, the HCWS allows you to build either an axe, a double-bladed axe, a beam halberd and anything else in between. One set gives you enough parts to make at least two weapons and you get two runners of beam effect parts molded in clear yellow and green. The plastic itself is all black and typical of third party releases, so some work will need to be done to improve the look. 

Out of the box, the HCWS looks stunning. Standing a little over HG 1/144 model kits, the beam halberd configuration works wonderfully, fitting snugly into HG hand parts. The relative light weight of the weapon also allows for dynamic and crazy poses, and an action base will serve to improve the playability more. 

I will build more variants of the HCWS, check back on this post to view more!


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