Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[Metal Build] Bandai Tamashii Nations Metal Build 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame Full Weapons

As long as Bandai continues to make Metal Builds, people will continue to buy them. 

The Astray Blue Frame was teased sometime back along with a number of other potential releases, but the Blue Frame was more or less confirmed with a definite release date. True to the Metal Build brand, the Astray Blue Frame Full Weapons is exquisite, meticulously crafted with precision and a keen attention to detail. There are various sections on the armor that are painted in off-white, to give it a pseudo-camouflage look befitting of the clandestine Serpent Tail.

For the Blue Frame, it's all about the guns guns guns. The set comes with two of almost everything: bazookas, magazines for bazookas missile launchers, smaller missile launchers, beam sabers, except for a second shield and beam rifle. The massive arsenal bolts onto the Blue Frame via a backpack mount, capable of holding any combination of two main weapons by the sides with the beam rifle slung across. Simple additional leg armor snap together around the ankles to allow the mounting of smaller missile launchers yet do not affect mobility in any way.

As with Metal Builds, articulation is great although the joints are very stiff. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the Blue Frame is able to prop up and hold the bulky bazooka in position with ease. The missile launchers will not go anywhere as the joint connections are fairly snug, but will still pop off if you yank them too hard. Although the Blue Frame is able to stand on its own two feet fully loaded, it's far better to have it on a stand to strike some fearsome poses.

Overall, the Blue Frame is a fantastic Metal Build to have, largely because of all the goodies it comes with!


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