Monday, May 15, 2017

[Kit Insight] Bandai Macross Delta 1/72 Sv-262Hs Draken III (Painted Build)

The Draken III is arguably a masterpiece of variable fighter (VF) design, shifting from a sleek delta-shaped fighter mode to a walking tank Gerwalk and finally to the slender, Anubis-esque Battroid form. As compared to the protagonist Siegfried, the dark and brooding Draken III captured my attention (and money).

The thing about VF model kits is that they have too many moving parts owing to their transformation gimmick. As compared to the pricier DX Chogokin finished products, VF model kits run the risk of irreparably damaging crucial parts when transforming. This is no fault of Bandai's, VF kits are just too complex.

That being said, VF kits have improved tremendously over the years, with lesser parts-swapping and a more seamless, anime-accurate transformation process. VF kits are also reinforced by metal screws, which help to prolong part longevity and increasing the play value. But let's face it, you bought a VF kit to display it permanently in one of its three modes and even for Variable Fighter standards, the Battroid form of the Draken III is beautiful.  

The kit may be rickety and feel flimsy, but it is no brick: the Battroid form is able to achieve a wide range of motion that belies its relatively frail appearance. My only gripe is the loose connection between the gripping hand and the gunpod's handle: it's unstable and loosens easily, especially when the Draken III's gunpod is so long and heavy. Otherwise, the Draken III is able to even do a kneeling pose, taking advantage of its long legs to close the distance.

Variable Fighter kits are cool models to have, but you need a certain level of patience and determination to complete one.


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