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[Kit Insight] Bandai HG 1/144 GNZ-001G/C/T All-Gundam (Customised Build)

Model Number: GNZ-001G/C/T All-Gundam
Designation: A-LAWS All Purpose High Performance Transformable Mobile Suit

A fitting mobile suit manifestation of the power and brutality of the A-LAWS.

Envisaged as the answer to Celestial Being's Gundam-type mobile suits, the All-Gundam was secretly developed by the A-LAWS autonomous peacekeeping force with input from the Innovades, particularly Ribbons Almark who took a special interest in this clandestine project. Providing A-LAWS engineers with the technical specifications of weapons and equipment deemed too costly to manufacture on his own, Ribbons Almark essentially made the All-Gundam a testbed and mock-up of his ultimate mobile suit: the Reborns Gundam. As a result, even if the output of the All-Gundam exceeds that of the Reborns due to its armament, it required a skillful pilot to tame. 

As a paramilitary organisation with a great deal of autonomy and jurisdiction, A-LAWS used the All-Gundam to swiftly crush rebellions and insurrections against Federation rule. As compared to sending squads of conventional mobile suits, sending just the All-Gundam reduced risk of casualty by more than 400 percent while increasing the odds of victory by an almost equivalent amount. With its crimson visage that is blistering with weaponry, the All-Gundam is essentially the physical representation of the A-LAWS: swift, ruthless and brutal, becoming the instrument of all their brutal laws. 

The All-Gundam maintains supreme mobility and agility despite its heavy weapons and equipment complement thanks to strategically placed GN thruster units. The bulk of the armament are in the arms, containing GN Beam Handguns, GN Claw Arms as well as GN Battle Shields with GN Blades. The massive backpack holds two high-power GN Buster Cannons, two GN Large Beam Sabers and four GN Fangs. 

While the All-Gundam is able to use the GN Buster Rifle seen on the Reborns Gundam, it was usually equipped with a GN Multi-Cannon for certain operations. Designed as a one-use weapon, the Multi-Cannon features a high-power GN Buster Cannon tuned to penetrate armour with relative ease as well as a claw arm and short halberd for close combat. The All-Gundam would expend all particles in the weapon's GN particle reservoirs before discarding the Multi-Cannon and using its fixed weaponry. 

When more firepower is needed, the All-Gundam swiftly morphs into the Cannon Mode. The simple transformation sequence reduces the risk of mechanical failure and combat downtime, giving the enemy little respite and reducing the chance of damage in between combat forms. In this mode, the All-Gundam retains all of its previous weapons in Gundam mode but focuses use of two high-power GN Buster Cannons to decimate targets from extreme range. GN capacitors allow for repeated high-power shots, pounding away at enemy armour while close-in mobile suit forces are kept at bay with the GN Claw Arms and GN Beam Pistols. The only drawback of this mode is its mobility, which is reduced to almost nothing to make up for the sheer firepower. Essentially, the All-Gundam is a turret in Cannon Mode. 

Based on data and specifications provided by Ribbons Almark, A-LAWS engineers incorporated a third Tank Mode into the All-Gundam. Initially slated for the Reborns Gundam, the Tank Mode concept was dropped when the Innovades successfully obtained twin drive technology through the machinations of Anew Returner. 

Designed as a mobile heavy gun platform, the Tank Mode essentially combines the speed of the Gundam Mode with the raw firepower of Cannon Mode, resulting in a fearsome war machine that was able to field huge volleys of beam fire while moving quickly from point to point. The GN Claw Arms, GN Beam Pistols and GN Battle Shields served as a strong defense screen against marauding forces.

Despite the strengths of the Tank Mode, the All-Gundam was unable to maintain this form for prolonged periods as the GN Hover Drives consumed GN Particles faster than the GN Drive Taus could replenish them. Therefore, this mode was only used out of sheer necessity.

The All-Gundam brutally crushed any dissent with overwhelming force.

Build Notes

The HGBF 1/144 Reversible Gundam is a fantastic kit, even if the colour scheme is bare bones. However, this could be a conscious design decision to have the Reversible in a pre-painted state, with the grey areas representing primed surfaces while the pale yellow pieces resembling untreated resin parts. 

Based on the HG00 1/144 Reborns Gundam, the Reversible reuses many of its runners but also includes almost an equal number brand new ones that contain its many weapons. The part count is great but articulation is obviously not as good as modern HG kits.

The following colours were used for the All-Gundam:
  • Red Fox Red
  • Red Fox Bright Silver
  • Bosny Copper Gold
  • Anchor Sparkling Black
  • Nippon Pylox Flash Gold
  • Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  • Nippon Pylox Pewter
  • Tamiya Metallic Red
  • Tamiya Light Gun Metal
  • Tamiya Gun Metal
  • Tamiya Metallic Black
  • Red Wheel Matt Black

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