Sunday, April 15, 2018

[Custom] Bandai HGBD 1/144 Diver Gear (Prototype Demonstrator) (Customised Build)

Are you ready to Dive?
Basically a painted version of the Diver Gear, the Prototype Demonstrator is essentially the pre-production model of the Diver Gear before it was refined and put into mass production to support the soaring popularity of the GBN.

As the pre-production variant of the Diver Gear, the Prototype Demonstrator model was not packed with the advanced gadgetry and imaging systems that would become standard on production model Diver Gears. While it still had the required hardware to record Gunpla and Diver details, the Prototype Demonstrator lacked the processing power and battery capacity to last for more than 20 minutes of use even when attached to the Diver System. Furthermore, it required use of the inbuilt support arm to anchor the Gunpla firmly to the Diver Gear, a feature that was removed in the production models due to the inclusion of particle manipulation technology.

However, the Prototype Demonstrator showed the world the possibility of a portable device able to seamlessly interface with the growing GBN network.

Early beta testers and users of the first-issue Diver Gear jury-rigged the Prototype Demonstrator to serve a variety of purposes, including as an Action Base for Gunpla. By adding in parts from other model kits, Divers could pose their customised Gunpla in dynamic ways during offline sharing sessions, giving the Diver Gear a lease of life outside of the GBN.

The Diver Gear (Prototype Demonstrator) showcased the capabilities of the GBN, allowing unprecedented access to Gunpla Battle for everyone, everywhere.


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